Marsupilami The Butterfly And The Treetop Squid

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The Palombian jungle is a cornucopia of strange and mysterious animal and vegetal species. Among those, a butterfly whose female has never been captured is the object of the ambitions of many scientists – and competition causes conflicts. A situation that the Marsupilami, who hates having his nap interrupted, finds positively unacceptable … although the opportunities to play with this new treetop research lab that’s suddenly appeared might make up for the inconvenience!


Une fois de plus, une équipe de chercheurs fait expédition en Palombie. A la recherche de la femelle du Narcissus Bucéphalus, un papillon extrêmement rare, jamais capturé et qui pond ses oeufs sur le nid des Marsupilamis, l'aventure est prometteuse...

Paperback - Couverture souple
Age: 8 years and up
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